Why We Don't Have A Real Name...

When we were starting our restaurant and met in this house for the first time, it took us 15 minutes to agree on what a restaurant should not be like. In another 15 minutes, it was clear that all the decent names had been taken.

This was not unlike the first grand challenge every garage band has to meet. We had the right haircuts, we knew what a band should not sound like and we had no name. After a few hours of silence, we disbanded in desperation, just like thousands of musicians after their first rehearsal.

The next morning, however, we met in the same building – Rataskaevu 16.

“Naming rehearsals” somehow became an everyday routine for us. It didn’t take long before we were having fun here. In order to avoid the annoying name problem, we took up other topics and the conversations became interesting. We had a great time with each other.

As we were spending days like this, an atmosphere began to develop around us that every one of us had, in a way, been longing for, but had never been able to describe. It contained food we found delicious, people we liked and rooms we wanted to be in. And that’s how it has remained. In modern art terms, this is what you call “work in progress”.

You’re welcome to join in.